For the past several decades Pasha Family, have perhaps been the most important and influential antique rug maker and dealer in the world. One could say that he was born into the business. Already by 1900 his families were established rug makers and dealers. During the early twentieth century, his father and older brothers were major makers and importers of Exquisite Turkish rugs for the British Palaces all over World, as well exporters of Turkish rugs to the western world. The family business was also active in Turkey and Europe, and they were actively involved exporting Turkish rugs

**I have been in business of acquiring and selling antique rugs for twenty-five years. Antique rugs are my passion, and my tastes are eclectic, ranging from early, classical pieces to Art Deco and Modernist rugs. What matters to me primarily is the beauty and quality of a piece. I purchase with my mind, eye and with my heart. Born in to the Mecca of the rug world, and traveling extensively, I have dedicated myself for the opportunity to inquire constantly for the best pieces that are available.

My professional experience and contacts in the antique rug world enable me to generate competitively, acquiring quality pieces for the best value, and to pass this value along to our friends and customers. My goal at the Gallery Ottoman is to give our clients, friends, the finest rugs with greatest range of choices at the best value.

As general manager; I, personally strive to make ensure that our consumers is our primary object and consideration. However important and valuable, that the rug may be, our clients, friends always come first.

It is indeed my personal duty to find out what our consumers need and to see that those needs are satisfactorily met to the highest professional standards. In achieving this goal I assure you, my friends that the greatest attention is paid to the smallest detail. Nothing makes me happier than seeing our clients find the perfect rug that is right for them. **

In Pasha’s view, rugs work much like textile and fashion design. “It’s all about color. We all look with an individual eye or taste, and everyone’s taste is different or distinctive. But a trained and educated eye will always recognize what is beautiful and exceptional in a carpet. When a carpet is great, we know immediately.”