We would like to introduce you to a wonderful process that sweetens colors and the look of a rug. What exactly is “the sweetening of the color?” The sweetening of the color is the process of antiquing the colors. For example, colors that are too bright or too new looking are oxidized to make the rug have a very expensive, unique and antique appearance. This is what we refer to as the aging of the carpet. Another ability of this process is to even out clashing colors and tone down loud colors in rugs.

Once aged, colors turn into beautiful gold. Pink colors that are aged turn to a beautiful rust-like, gold color. White & ivory colors become an exquisite gold tone. Sky blue becomes a light green and gold shade. Red turns into a deep, rich shade of red.

Our Company, Rug Wash, has 3 different types of washes to supply our clients with. They are:




What is the Old Gold Wash?

The Old Gold Wash makes the carpet look more brown and gold in tone. This wash is recommended for such rugs as the Pakistani’s, Chinese, and Needle Points. This process is not permanent and it does not soak to the foundation of the carpet. This is an advantage because we can remove the Gold Wash and the color is reversible to your satisfaction. Our recommendations for maintenance on this rug after wash is a PH of 7 or dry clean only. We encourage you to put a label on the back of the carpet to inform the customer as to the care of the rug. If you wish, we can continue to perform any services needed on any carpet you send to our facility. For this service, the price is $7.00 per sq. ft.

What is the New Gold Wash?

The New Gold Wash is a permanent wash. This type of Gold Wash actually goes to the foundation of the carpet which makes this type of wash irreversible. Rugs that undergo a New Gold Wash may be shampooed – this will not alter the appearance of the rug at all. Permanent Gold Wash colors tend to become more beige in appearance. Any type of carpet is ideal for this type of wash. Unlike the Old Gold Wash which is darker, this wash produces a lighter tone. The price for this wash is $7.00 per sq. ft.

What is the Olive Wash?

This is also another permanent wash that changes the colors to brown, gold, and green tones. This too is a darker type of wash. We recommend this type of wash for an open field with light colors. The price for this wash is also, $7.00 per sq. ft.



Shearing helps remove fuzz from the carpet. We shave the top of the carpet fiber, which makes the carpet design clearer and eliminates discoloration. This process also leaves the rug with a glossy finish. For thickly piled rugs, we recommend that they be sheared before the Gold Wash is performed on the carpet. At Rug Wash, we have a computerized shearing process that can be performed at our facility while the rug awaits the Gold Wash process. We are able to shear a carpet to all degrees from 1% to no pile – we highly suggest this for all types of Turkish rugs.